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Spectral Systems & Cameras

Ocean Insight provides turnkey systems for a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, lighting, oil & gas, life sciences, food, and medical devices. We provide off-the-shelf instrumentation and partner with some of the world’s leading companies to deliver custom solutions.

5 Products
5 Products

Reflectance/Color Measurement Systems

Color measurement systems are available for precise quality control in industrial manufacturing settings like high-volume consumer electronics manufacturing facilities. Ocean Insight spectral systems deliver high-accuracy, non-contact measurements quickly and reliably, directly from the production line. The measurement head may be fixed in place with parts rapidly running by on an inspection line, or it may be mounted to a motorized stage or robotic arm to measure spots of interest directly.

  • The D8 Series comprises robust, non-contact, real-time spectrophotometer systems designed for precise color measurement in industrial applications.


LTMS Liquid Transmission Measurement System

The Ocean Insight Liquid Transmission Measurement System (LTMS) is a rugged instrument for real-time, in-line analysis of liquids such as dyes, plating baths, chemicals, food coatings, and pharmaceuticals. LTMS will automate your workflow and deliver critical process data in seconds.

  • The LTMS is a spectroscopy-based system for real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids including industrial dyes, plating baths, and other chemical coatings.


Multispectral Imaging Devices

Ocean Insight offers a multispectral imaging camera easily configured for custom applications such as autonomous vision systems or medical diagnostics. At the heart of each camera is a custom prism assembly which images light from a single lens onto three separate sensors, which can use different filters or polarizers as needed.

Handheld Spectral Systems

Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, this innovative handheld tool uses a miniature spectrometer with a 3nm optical resolution to accurately measure light in your environment. Its streamlined user interface lets you capture a series of lighting measurements with a single button, making data and graphing a quick, painless, and accurate process.

Oxygen Sensors

The NeoFox-GT is a phase fluorometer that couples with our oxygen sensor probes and patches for fast, reliable oxygen measurements in gas and liquid phases. NeoFox-GT can be used as part of probe- or patch-based sensor kits, which provide all the tools needed for noninvasive measurements.

  • Optical Oxygen Sensing Systems are ideal for biological, environmental, and industrial applications.

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