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Consumer Electronics

  • Consumer Electronics
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From benchtop to in-line systems, Ocean Applied provides solutions for customers designing and manufacturing consumer electronics. Applications include QC of components and housings, precise color matching of dyes and product parts, and characterization and sorting of integrated LEDs.


We’re amplifying spectral-product innovation and expanding technical services to create custom solutions that unlock the unknown.

  • Color measurements to ensure uniform product appearance
  • Detection of defects in finished goods for quality assurance
  • Quality and consistency of digital displays
  • Real-time liquid process monitoring for anodization color matching
  • Low-intensity power and wavelength measurements on LEDs & VCSELs for VR headsets

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Advantages of Ocean Applied Spectral Sensing for Consumer Electronics:

  • Rugged, scalable instrumentation well-suited for industrial environments
  • Robust, spectral solutions can compute color under different lighting conditions and viewing angles
  • Systems are non-contact, operate in real-time, and can be easily integrated into high-speed process lines
  • Solutions are available in various forms such as subassembly, handheld, benchtop, and in-line
  • Our experienced team of engineers and scientists will work with you to develop the spectral solution you need


Spectral Sensing for consumer Eletronics

Ocean Applied is advancing to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic consumer electronics industry by using a combination of robust, scalable spectroscopy tools, deep application knowledge and machine learning expertise.

The Liquid Transmission Measurement System (LTMS) is a rugged system for real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids such as industrial dyes, anodization baths, and chemical coatings.

The D8 Series comprises robust, non-contact, real-time spectrophotometers designed for use in industrial applications.

The FD-D8R goes from raw spectral measurements to the answers customers want. It’s a true in-line solution that enables hundreds of thousands of parts per day, making 100% inspection possible.

Jack Stokes, Systems Engineer - Ocean Applied

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