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Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Energy, Oil & Gas
wind energy and solar energy

Ocean Optics provides spectral solutions for researchers and businesses addressing the world’s increasing energy demands, including tools for mining and exploration, development of renewable resources, and monitoring of energy production.

Robust, Real-time Solutions 

Ocean Optics offers in-line solutions that bring the measurement directly to the sample. This is important for energy, oil, and gas industries, where real-time testing and monitoring of renewable energy sources and fossil fuels provide valuable insight.

Other Advantages 

  • Spectral solutions are rugged, reliable and suitable for harsh environments
  • Compact instrumentation is portable and easy to manage
  • Solutions can be customized to size, performance and budget needs
  • Devices are available as subassemblies, handheld, benchtop, or in-line industrial systems

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Evaluation of plants and algae used in biofuels
  • Testing and production of photovoltaic materials
  • Research and evaluation of battery materials
  • Measurement of solar simulators used in panel testing
solar panel installation
Characterizing materials via spectroscopy is critical to understanding exactly how we can make them, and sustainable energy technologies, better. The scientific community has really thrown its brainpower into this area.

Veronica Augustyn, Assistant Professor - North Carolina State University, USA

mining wheel for non-renewable energy solutions

Non-Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Ethanol monitoring for more effective, cleaner-burning fuel mixture composition
  • Determination of mineral composites at mining sites, to pinpoint extraction needs
  • Analysis of oil in water, to minimize pollutants both upstream and downstream
  • Testing of engine oil to determine oil life and equipment condition
  • Determination of fuel clarity and quality

Spectral Explorations in Mining

As new mineral sources are found across the globe, there is a desire to accurately classify rock types at the point of mining as well as point of use. Ocean Optics offers spectral reflection systems for rapid determination of mineral composites in a non-destructive test.

Using an optical probe to simply shine light on the mineral surface, the observed spectral peaks and patterns can be correlated to one or more compounds within the rock. This can be used to verify suspected minerals before large-scale extraction at the mining site, and to re-verify before use in the desired process.

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