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Laser & Photonics

  • Laser & Photonics
Raman Laser - laser cutting metal

Ocean Insight teams with laser and photonics companies around the globe that are connected by light – measuring, moving and applying it – in pursuit of research, development and innovation that solve problems and often elevate us all.

Unlocking the Unknowns of Lasers and Photonics

Light has always played an integral role in our development. Today, light is used in creative ways to address various challenges facing our world, with laser and photonics technologies driving many of those solutions.

For Ocean Insight, it’s exhilarating to collaborate with laser and photonics users, developers and manufacturers who utilize light in many areas: restoration of art works; laser-based therapies in medical diagnostics; photonics methods applied to farm to table technologies; and light used to monitor the health of the environment.

Solutions for Laser Manufacturers and Users

Lasers are powerful sources for applications in medical, industrial and scientific industries. Ocean Insight offers tools for characterization of wavelength, power and optical resolution.

Wavelength and Power Monitoring

Laser diodes are prone to wavelength and power output fluctuations due to temperature variations, often requiring feedback loops and stabilization. 

High Resolution Spectral Measurement

In combination with a power meter, a high-resolution spectrometer can provide complete characterization of even very narrowly tuned laser sources.

Monitoring Near-IR Lasers

Laser applications are expanding into NIR wavelengths, for pharmaceutical development, stand-off explosives detection, and other defense and security applications.

Broadband Tunable Lasers

Ocean Insight offers tools for spectral characterization of broadband tunable lasers including titanium-sapphire (scientific research) and supercontinuum (medical, semiconductor and other).

Spectral imaging in combination with other platforms is so powerful. I think it will make an immense impact on the rate and types of discoveries we can achieve.

Dr. Stephanie Tucker, Research Associate - Wayne State University

Solutions for Photonics Companies and Users

Photonics technologies touch on nearly every aspect of our lives, from helping clinicians make more accurate medical diagnoses to providing semiconductor manufacturers with the tools to precisely monitor the chips that drive our electronic devices.

Ocean Insight collaborates with researchers, engineers, integrators and manufacturers at the world’s leading photonics companies. We offer robust, scalable optical sensing tools, complemented by deep application knowledge and machine learning, design and manufacturing expertise, and a global support and service network.



  • Design partnership from concept to solution
  • Global, ISO-certified manufacturing operations
  • Applied spectral knowledge – multi-discipline, in-house expertise across thousands of applications
  • Calibration and Lab Services (consultation, feasibility, insight)
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