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Device Setup & Registration

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Ocean Optics provides the applications know-how and support you need to optimize our products for your measurement challenges. Use this page for device setup information, helpful resources and product registration.

Getting Started with Your Ocean Optics Spectrometer

In this video, we guide you through the unpacking of an Ocean Optics spectrometer, describing the items you’ll receive and explaining why installing software is always your first step.

Register your product now for faster service and support and to stay informed of product updates and promotions.

A complete list of documentation and manuals is available in the Support section of of our website.

Setting Up Your Ocean Optics Spectrometer

Getting started with your spectrometer and software requires a few simple steps. Please note: Install your software before connecting the spectrometer to your computer or device.

Simple Starting Steps

Don’t start connecting cables just yet. Remember, software installation comes first.

  1. From the Software Downloads page, select the version appropriate for your operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).
  2. Install OceanView software.
  3. Follow the Installation Wizard prompts.
  4. Enter your unique 28-character software product key as directed. The key was provided via email at the time of purchase and is available on your order acknowledgement.
  5. Connect your spectrometer, light source and sampling optics using optical fibers. Setups will vary depending on application.
  6. Connect any external power sources that may be required for light sources, spectrometers and other devices.
  7. Connect the spectrometer to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  8. If necessary, power on your equipment and begin collecting data.
  9. You’re now ready to use OceanView software and start unlocking your unknowns.

Having challenges getting started? Consult the OceanView manual for detailed instructions, or visit FAQ section.

Still having trouble? Contact us via live chat.   

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