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For pharmaceutical companies, the need to understand, verify, and trace all steps of the manufacturing process is critical. From incoming material inspection to biologics manufacturing, Ocean Insight’s custom sensing solutions provide reliable, real-time answers.

Understanding Spectral Sensing

Spectroscopy involves shining light onto or through a sample and capturing a spectrum that shows the wavelengths of light removed by the sample through absorption and scattering. With information on how specific wavelengths of light interact with samples on a process line, manufacturers can determine the chemical composition and concentration of the components.

Advantages of Spectral Sensing

Inline monitoring of pharma processes enables manufacturers to manage production from raw materials to finished products. Sensing measurements can be made at critical stages throughout the process, allowing for quick intervention when parameters go beyond specified ranges. A more tightly controlled process leads to less waste and more consistent product quality. 

Applied Spectral Knowledge for Pharma 

  • Process monitoring (inline and at-line)
  • Accurate concentration measurements
  • Quality control
  • Material identification
  • Validation of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Shelf life and safety testing
pharma vials for medication and vaccines

Ocean Lab Services

Ocean Lab Services is the bridge between helping manufacturers to define their most pressing challenges and providing the evaluation tools and insight to solve them.

Our dedicated Ocean Lab Services team draws on decades of experience in optical sensing to deliver services ranging from basic feasibility studies to more complex offerings including experimental design, machine learning and consultancy.

Inspiring Confidence with Experience and Expertise

  • We have over a decade of Copy Exact experience providing technology for our chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial partners.
  • Partnership from prototype to production. We design, optimize, scale and supply.
  • Fast feasibility with our Ocean Lab Services team. 
  • Trusted and reliable. We are ISO9001:2015 certified, are part of the Halma FTSE 100 group of companies, and have over 25 years of experience.

Case Study

All system components were selected, designed, and assembled synergistically. Ocean remained engaged with the customer through the entire project, strengthening our relationship and delivering a successful solution.

Adrian Hatton - Ocean Insight

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