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Safety & Security

  • Safety & Security
man wearing a hazmat suit

Even with heightened vigilance and better access to advanced security technologies, authorities face an evolving landscape of threats to public safety. Ocean Insight teams with officials to deliver fast, accurate detection solutions anywhere danger arises.

Spectral Sensing Solutions to Keep Us Safe

Those responsible for keeping us safe – at security checkpoints, at screening locations, and as we go about our daily activities – need robust sensing equipment based on sound science. Spectral sensing systems fill that role well on many levels: for example, fingerprinting techniques can be used to identify dangerous materials, even in trace amounts.

The power of spectral sensing exceeds all our senses together, for it analyzes the very nature of materials. Like a high-definition image, it exposes every flaw in the intended deception. Whether you are in the lab or in the field, Ocean Insight has the tools and know-how to help you create a solution to help keep us safe.

Safety & Security Applications

  • Explosives detection – trace analysis of chemicals used in explosives
  • Forensic analysis – blood and tissue imaging, biometric identification
  • Narcotics detection – analysis of heroin, MDMA and diazepam
  • Roadside drug screening – trace level analysis of cocaine, methamphetamine and THC
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