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  • FOSPOR-R Sensors


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This probe is our go-to for many oxygen sensing applications. Robust enough for most lab and field applications and yet narrow enough to fit into small spaces, it is available with any of our oxygen sensor formulations.


  • Mates to system using a BIFBORO-1000-2 fiber assembly and 21-02 splice bushing
  • Available for all sensor formulations
Optional silicone overcoat:
  • Excludes ambient light and cross-fluorescence
  • Eliminates interference from sample color and turbidity
  • Protects the sensor from biofouling interference and chemical degradation
  • Increases response time; use only to mitigate interfering factors described above
  • The overcoat applied to our FOSPOR chemistry has been USP Class VI certified.


Subject to change depending on model type


Compatible Fiber Assembly:
BIFBORO-1000-2, 21-02
Fiber Core Diameter:
1000 μm
152.4 mm
Outer Diameter:
1.587 mm (1/16″)
SMA 905
Drift at 0% Oxygen(FOSPOR):
300 psi
Probe Ferrule Material:
Stainless steel