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Machine Learning

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More answers, better decisions. Use Ocean Insight's Machine Learning capabilities to turn spectral data into the answers you need.

For those that need fast and reliable answers from their optical sensors, Ocean Intelligence Machine Learning can make your system astonishingly discerning. We can "teach" your system to categorize for aesthetics and internal qualities alike.

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There is more to this method than meets the eye

Why hire an expensive team of optical experts to develop a sensor solution that could take years to develop? You can rely on our machine learning expertise at a fraction of the cost and significantly reduce time to market! Unique proprietary machine learning algorithms can be quickly tailored to recognize the differences in your product and make the decision to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Sorting Cranberries

Ocean Intelligence never gets sick or goes on vacation

An automated manufacturing sorting process is a more sophisticated level of analysis than manual inspection; it ensures consistent quality and improves process efficiency, with the added benefits of providing a non-destructive and non-contact quality assessment. Combining this with unique, proprietary Ocean Intelligence algorithms, you will have a process line that can: learn faster, see more and decide quicker.

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Now you can see inside!

Ocean Insight sensing hardware combines with our machine learning capabilities to see inside your sample or product. Using our proprietary algorithms, Ocean Intelligence teaches your system to quantify aesthetics such as coating uniformity, color and residues, as well as internal qualities such as contamination, chemical identification and constituent concentration.

From a software standpoint, it doesn't really matter if you want to sort dates or glass as long as differences can be seen in the data.

Nelson Chandler, Director of Software and Electrical Engineering - Ocean Insight

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