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Buying Guide: When to Choose the Ocean HDX and HR4Pro Spectrometers

HR4Pro Spectrometers

Ocean HDX and HR4Pro are powerful, compact spectrometers that deliver great performance at similar prices. Though comparable in many ways, each spectrometer has key differences that make it better suited for certain applications.

Ocean HDX is anchored by a novel optical bench design and high-performance optical components. Its defining performance characteristics are high throughput and great sensitivity, with high dynamic range and low stray light.

The HR4Pro is all about high optical resolution (FWHM) performance. And unlike the Ocean HDX, the HR4Pro can be customized for your application. 


Specifications for Ocean HDX vs. HR4Pro Spectrometers

Feature Ocean HDX HR4Pro
Customizable No Yes
Communications Ethernet, USB, RS-232 USB
# of Pixels 2048 3648
Operating Temperatures 0 °C to 40 °C -10 °C to 50 °C

Wavelength Range (nm) by model

UV-VIS (200-800) UV-VIS (200-875)
VIS-NIR (350-925) VIS-NIR (350-1025)
XR (200-1100) XR (200-1100)
Resolution (nm) FWHM by model UV-VIS ~0.73 UV-VIS ~0.66
VIS-NIR ~0.70 VIS-NIR ~0.66
XR ~1.1 XR ~0.9
SNR 400:1 300:1
Dynamic Range 12,000 2,500
Size 88.9 x 63.5 x 52.4 mm 148.6 x 104.8 x 45.1 mm
Weight  400 g 570 g


The Case for Ocean HDX Spectrometers

The Ocean HDX provides better SNR, much higher dynamic range, and more communication options. The HDX is compelling to product integrators because of its communication options (including Ethernet and RS-232) and the balanced combination of high dynamic range, SNR, and optical resolution.

Also, its high throughput makes Ocean HDX more suitable for low light applications, such as fluorescence. The low stray light and dynamic range also make it great for samples with high optical densities.  

Plasma Globe

The Case for HR4Pro Spectrometers

sorting product on a belt

The HR4Pro provides better optical resolution, larger wavelength ranges, and wider operating temperature range. Most importantly, the HR4Pro is configurable. The configurability of the unit allows users to tailor the spectrometer to their specific needs.

Improved thermal stability, configurability, and wide operating environment also make the HR4Pro a great spectrometer for product integration. The high-resolution performance is ideal for plasma emission monitoring and laser characterization applications, while the operating range and stability make HR4Pro great for production line monitoring scenarios

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