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Developments in Photonics and Process Monitoring

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In two recent video presentations, Dr. Oliver Lischtschenko discusses the use of compact grating spectrometers for process monitoring and joins an expert panel to address recent innovations in photonics and machine vision.

At the invitation of SpectroNet, an organization that promotes photonics in the German state of Thuringia, Dr. Lischtschenko presented “Process Monitoring – An Application for Compact Grating Spectrometers.” Among the topics covered were the transition from standard setups for the lab to custom systems for process lines, and how instrument communications protocols are more robust than ever.

In a video from the online SpectroNet Collaboration Conference 2020, Dr. Lischtschenko and other industry leaders addressed how recent innovations in photonics and machine vision can be applied to daily life and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

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