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NIR Spectroscopy Podcast: Listen to Expert Insights

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The Applied Spectral Knowledge Podcast is a forum for tips and insights on spectral sensing challenges. In this month’s episode, Ocean Insight experts cover the advantages and trade-offs of NIR spectroscopy.

Episode 5: NIR Spectroscopy

Host Yvette Mattley welcomes Ocean Insight colleagues Troy McKay, Joseph Bonvallet and Ty Olmstead for an informative and lively discussion of near infrared spectroscopy. Topics include the advantages and trade-offs of NIR spectroscopy (5:05); applications that benefit from NIR techniques (10:00); and where future NIR developments may take us (20:10).

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Holding your sample and your reference in a very precise and repeatable fashion is critical to the success of your NIR measurements.

Troy McKay - Senior Systems Engineer

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