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Ocean Insight Technical Services

Ocean Insight is advancing to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of applications and industries. We’re amplifying optical sensing product innovation and expanding technical services to create custom solutions that unlock the unknown.

Delivering Useful Insights

Let's explore the Ocean Insight integrated approach to customer needs. We call it Applied Spectral Knowledge (ASK) – a combination of innovative spectroscopy hardware, software and on-demand data delivery, backed by deep category expertise.

ASK ties our historic strength in product design and development with in-house, cross-functional, category-specific expertise. By drawing from disciplines including systems and software development; optical, mechanical and electrical engineering; and industrial design we’ve assembled the capacity to provide intensive customer collaboration on highly precise challenges across many industries.

applied spectral knowledge feasibility chart

Custom Product Development

Ocean Insight delivers application-specific expertise, services and solutions to define and resolve important challenges across multiple industries and disciplines. Because every insight starts with a question. 

Customers benefit from our laser-like focus on new technologies, application consultancy, custom system design, manufacturing expertise and a global service and support network. Our dedicated development teams help you bridge the gap from design concept to solution, speeding time to market and delivering important insights. 

Subsystems – application-specific spectroscopy modules integrated into your device

Handheld – portable systems that harness optical sensing to deliver fast, accurate and intuitive solutions

Benchtop – turnkey instrumentation for the lab

Industrial – process analytical solutions for the line

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Software Development and AI

Ocean Insight offers a full stack of software options, from ready-made graphical user interface tools to high-level programming libraries and custom algorithm development. We provide software at multiple levels of power, complexity and programmability to meet a full spectrum of spectral analysis and automation needs.

For customers dealing with massive or complex data sets, tools like algorithm development, chemometrics and machine learning offer another layer of insight. Our powerful new machine learning is ideal for advanced identification and quantification, turning data into the answers customers need.

One of the most powerful aspects of machine learning is the ability of non-experts to introduce new training sets to the system and achieve results.

Derek Guenther, Sr. Application Scientist - Ocean Insight

Manufacturing and Global Supply 

Understanding your challenges and designing top-notch solutions are just the first steps toward unlocking the unknown.

Ocean Insight serves a range of commercial sectors by supplying optical sensing components, subassemblies and turnkey systems in volume. Our sensing technologies, ability to engineer complex solutions, and experience in applying spectral knowledge to solve measurement challenges are uniquely placed to deliver custom solutions from prototype to mass production.

Ocean Insight has a global manufacturing and supply network, with ISO-certified operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We have extensive experience in custom solutions and quality protocols, allowing us to effectively manage production for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and helping customers deliver decisive, actionable results.

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