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Illuminating Ocean Conservation

Ocean Insight and Georgia Aquarium are teaming to create better habitats by exploring light and its impact on aquatic environments. We value partnership with researchers asking the “what-if” questions that advance us toward a safer, cleaner, healthier world.

Applied Spectral Knowledge at Work in Natural Habitats

  • Measuring oxygen levels as part of Florida Everglades restoration
  • Identifying non-native species in tropical wetlands
  • Determining the interaction of sunlight with surface water constituents
  • Screening the bioluminescent properties of proteins in deep sea environments
  • Assessing the relationship between climate effects and vegetation health

How America’s Largest Aquarium is Illuminating Ocean Conservation.

We want to know what the animals are experiencing under the water. We want to make sure we have the best lighting instrumentation—which is Ocean Insight’s. With some minor habitat upgrades, we’re seeing instant improvements.

Susan Walsh, Water Quality Laboratory Manager - Georgia Aquarium

Versatile Flame Spectrometer offers great thermal stability and measurement repeatability in a robust, small-footprint package.

Other Case Studies

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