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Ocean HDX Extended-Range Spectrometer

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High Definition Spectrometer Covers 200-1100 nm

The high performance, high definition Ocean HDX spectrometer is available in an extended-range (-XR) version that covers the UV-NIR wavelength range. 

The Ocean HDX-XR has a 10 µm slit and extended-range grating responsive from 200-1100 nm. It delivers exceptional spectral performance, with high throughput, low stray light (>3 AU) and great thermal stability (+/-1.0 pixels from 0-40 °C).

UV-NIR wavelength response, great thermal stability and excellent peak symmetry make Ocean HDX-XR well suited for applications including tissue monitoring, analysis of semiconductor gases, and identification of minerals used in steel production.

XR Grating Response

This graph shows the XR grating response as reported by the grating manufacturer. Keep in mind the actual response is a function of factors including detector response, spectrometer configuration, and the wavelengths and intensity of light entering the optical bench.

Ocean HDX-XR grating curve

Ocean HDX-XR Specifications


Ocean HDX-XR Spectrometer


Back-thinned CCD

Spectral range:

200-1100 nm

Optical resolution:

1.0 nm (FWHM) w/10 µm slit

Dynamic range:


Integration time:

6 ms-10 seconds

Signal to noise ratio:


Stray light:

>3 AU

Interchangeable slits:


Thermal stability:

+/-1.0 pixels from 0-40 °C

Onboard averaging

Up to 5,000 spectra

Onboard memory:

Up to 50,000 spectra


USB 2.0, RS-232, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi


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