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Dr. Amy J. Ray Bauer Principal Application Scientist - Applied Systems

I am all about pushing technical boundaries. My favorite way to do exciting and difficult work is in the company of smart, quirky, and ambitious people. At Ocean, we have both the challenges and team talent in spades.

My acceptance of technically risky projects has been a constant feature of my entire career, from the very beginning. It certainly informed my Ph.D. work, in which I established proof of principle of an all-gas chemical laser. The project began with learning the synthesis of the explosive gases that were the starting materials for the laser action. This early work steered me toward my twin professional specialties of production and handling of high-energy and unstable compounds and industrial spectroscopy based on pulsed optical and electrical excitation.

My basic curiosity drives me to new and different applications within these specialties, most happily involved with teams of experts focused together on tricky and stimulating work.

Dedication to the communities in which I work also leads me to perform service that keeps me involved in organization of conferences and societies and reviewing and editing of scientific journals.

Note: Amy was recently named to The Photonics100 2023, a list of industry innovators compiled by Electro Optics Magazine. 

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Curiosity drives me to new and different applications. We want to enable YOU to do things, and achieve what seemed initially impossible.

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