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Serek Guenther

Derek Guenther Senior Application Scientist

There’s a critical bridge between creativity and science. And that connection really feeds into the idea of discovering what can be done that was not done before.

This is such an exciting time for spectroscopy because of rapid advancements in both hardware and software, and because of the collaborative fusion between hardware and software that’s driving amazing leaps across industries.

With a background in Chemical Engineering, I tend to focus on the larger process-related trends and spectral modelling around that fusion, which is an area that has grown exponentially in recent years. No longer are we simply looking at one or two wavelengths to draw a basic line through; rather, we are processing complex broadband signals in real-time using advanced mathematics and numerical methods. Ocean has always offered world-class hardware that gets better year-on-year, and now we’re taking the next step to pull the most insight from those devices.

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