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Serek Guenther

Derek Guenther Sr. Product Scientist

In my years with Ocean Optics I’ve done different things, working on applications as interesting and diverse as dialysis fluid analysis and pharma tank cleaning.

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Experienced professionals like our colleague Derek Guenther are available for consultation on your application challenges. Like many great scientists and engineers, Derek thrives on experiencing what’s possible with today’s spectroscopy technologies and advanced numerical methods.

What's Derek Doing? 

“What’s Derek Doing?” is a new, recurring feature that spotlights some of Derek’s latest efforts in applying spectral technology to various measurement challenges. We encourage you to bookmark this page and refer to it frequently or follow us via social media to learn more about new and interesting applications from Ocean Optics. And be sure to catch one of Derek's upcoming presentations. 

Visit to Hulaween 2023 -- Making Spectroscopic Measurements

Newest App Note -- Getting Your Protein from Raman 

Podcast -- Exploring the Bridge between Creativity and Science

November 30, 11:00 AM EDT -- Real-Time Protein Monitoring: The Power of UV-VIS and Raman Spectroscopy in Bioprocessing 

What's Derek Doing? - Part II.

You can’t teach enthusiasm – and you can’t fake it, either. So when our colleague Derek Guenther excitedly suggested a series of new Spectroscopy Kits, we knew this was going to be rad. The kits are expertly designed for various experiments. Tailored to user expertise and objectives, these kits cover diverse sample states and applications.

Learn more! SpectroscopyKit_Liquid-Sample_3200x1800_trans.png

Dive Deep into Semiconductor, Biofluid, Pharma, and Diagnostics

pill being examined by pharmacist wearing rubber gloves

Pharmaceutical Tank Cleanliness

Utilizing absorbance spectroscopy to measure concentration levels of active pharmaceutical ingredients before and after Cleaning-in-Place processes.  

Silicon Wafer With Microchips

Semiconductor Assembly

Using modular Raman spectroscopy to monitor and optimize UV-cured epoxies applied during die-attach processes in semiconductor assembly.

Emission Peaks in Plasma Systems

Using a compact spectrometer to monitor emission peaks in plasmas used for deposition and etching.

There’s a critical bridge between creativity and science. And that connection really feeds into the idea of discovering what can be done that was not done before.