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Oliver Lischtschenko Senior Sales Engineer, Research & Science

Boundaries are meant to be pushed! That is what we do at Ocean Insight. We enable people to move the lines further.

The fundamental understanding of the interaction of light with matter and how this impacts our world is what the 21st century is all about. You could say light enables us to study the world, better understand it, and make well informed decisions. This is what drove me as a researcher, and it still drives me today.

Ocean Insight provides the tools and the know-how to turn challenging questions into practical solutions. The beauty is that there are so many different applications out there for spectroscopy. Every single one has its own aspects. With my optical instrumentation background, my part in the process is helping to find the best instrumentation fit and enabling our partners to answer their specific questions. It is about understanding the question and transferring it into an optical measurement system. Ocean hardware, our team and the knowledge behind the hardware allow measurements at virtually any location on the planet, in its oceans, in the atmosphere or in the infinity of space beyond Earth. Being part of that is what makes me get up in the morning with a smile – for more than 20 years now, with 10 years at Ocean Insight. Spectroscopy can give you so much. All you need to do is ASK. 

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Using ASK (Applied Spectral Knowledge) we want to enable YOU to do things, make measurements that seemed initially impossible.

Insight Bites: Oliver Lischtschenko

The latest in our new video series “Insight Bites” features scientist, philosopher, and collaborator with many of Germany‘s top researchers, Oliver Lischtschenko, Ph.D.

Discover how we collaborate with users and developers of laser and photonics technologies, from researchers in the lab to developers of systems for industrial processes.

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