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OA-100S LIBS Analyzer

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Product Details

Alloy Analysis for Your Application.


The OA-100S LIBS analyzer can be used in a wide range of applications including scrap sorting, product verification, material identification, and other elemental analysis with LIBS.

The OA-100S can sort, classify, and verify light elements that XRF analyzers can’t. Its durable, accurate alloy analysis makes the OA-100S the tool of choice for the following applications:

Scrap Metal Sorting
Get the highest value from your scrap

Quality Assurance & Quality Control in Metal Fabrication
Verify your incoming materials as well as your final products before they ship

Positive Material Identification (PMI) 
Classify every piece of metal in your facility

Product Overview

It’s Back and Better Than Ever.

Introducing the OA-100S Handheld LIBS Device from Ocean Applied.

The latest in high-performance, miniature spectrometers that’s leading the next generation of Handheld LIBS solutions. Its durable, accurate-alloy analysis makes the OA-100S the tool of choice for light-metal recycling and the production of low-carbon aluminum products.

Small, lightweight design for less fatigue and highest throughput

Specified for military use in the field

Longer battery life for less downtime

Lower cost of ownership vs. legacy technologies

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Analysis of any alloy in <3 seconds  
Analysis of lithium in aluminum alloys  
Analysis of beryllium in copper alloys  
Superior Mg in Al alloy performance  
Overall superiority at analyzing lighter metals  
Ruggedized package with no susceptible sensitive components
(vacuum sealed x-ray tubes, x-ray detectors)
No regulatory headaches or annual licensing fees  
All employees can be users
(not just radiation-trained employees)

Accessories for OA-100S

Docking Station
Continuously charge
the analyzer battery and
store in a secure location
when not in use.

You can safely maneuver
around the facility and
easily withdraw for
immediate use.

Li-ion Batteries
Benefit from 10+ hours
of continuous operation.

Aluminum & Stainless
Checks Sample
Verify that the instrument’s
calibration is accurate.


The OA-100S is backed by a global network of sales and services support partners of Ocean Applied, offering installation, preventative maintenance, and prompt service. We have been developing and supporting both laboratory and field equipment for decades and the combination of our expertise and quality of our optical instruments is well known. We’re confident we can firmly establish Ocean Applied and the OA-100S as the premier solution for handheld metal identification for industrial applications.


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