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Optical Lens Holders, Fixtures and Mounts

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Product Details

Ocean Insight offers optical lens holders, fixtures and mounts for manipulating collimating lenses in various measurement setups. Holders function to position lenses and can be adjusted to accommodate various samples. Optical post mounts allow users to position lenses on optical breadboards.

Product Overview

  • Versatile – options for mounting lenses at 90° or as part of fixture for measuring thick samples
  • Fiber optic – lenses connect easily to optical fibers and fixtures
  • Post mounts – optical posts available for mounting lens fixtures to breadboards


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Lens Material:
f/2 fused silica Dynasil
3 inch
4 inch
Wavelength Range:
200nm - 2μm
Base Material:
Black anodized aluminum
Base Measurement Guide:
Black anodized aluminum
Scored at 0.5 cm segments
10 cm total length
Stainless steel
Connector Threads:
"3/8-24 (ports) 9.525 mm x 25.4 mm (nipple)"
¼-20 (M6) tapped hole and 8/32 (M4) removable threaded stud
3/8-24 (lens holder)
8-32 (bore for mounting)
3/8-24 (lens holder)
M4 (bore for mounting)
Cosine Corrector:
Yes (Spectralon diffusing material)
5 mm
Dimensions (OD):
12.7 OD x 25.4
76.2 or 101.6 height
152.4 x 76.2 x 152.4
16.5 x 16.5 x 19.9
30 OD x 6.5 width
38.1 OD x 10.2 width
Focal Length Specification:
10 mm
Mirror Coating:
UV-enhanced aluminum
Mirror Reflectivity:
>80% from 200-1000 nm
Mounting Bars Material:
Black anodized aluminum
Mounting Bars Positioning:
Four 3/8-24 holes spaced 25.4 mm apart
Mounting Bars Threading:
Accepts lenses with 3/8-24 threadsUses 10-32 setscrews for adjusting the bars (recommend 5/32” hex wrench to loosen)
11.3 g