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  • Manual Optical Stage

Sample Stages for Reflection and Transmission Measurements

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Product Details

Optical stages from Ocean Insight are versatile accessories for reflection and transmission measurements of flat substrates. Versions are available for single-point reflection measurements and for multipoint reflection and transmission measurements. These rugged, reliable tools are especially effective for maintaining fiber and probe positioning in your sampling setup.

Product Overview

  • Type -- single-point reflection or reflection-transmission
  • Measurement angle -- 90° or 90° and 45°
  • Best for -- measuring large-diameter substrates including semiconductor wafers and optical materials


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Base Dimensions:
152.4 mm
206.3 mm diameter
Rail Height:
Adjustable to 400 mm
Adjustable to 63.5 mm
Sample Area Dimensions:
101.6 mm
152.4 mm diameter
Collimating Lens Wavelength:
200-2000 nm
Sample plate
collimating lenses (2) and light trap
Integrating Sphere Adapter (optional):
for attaching 30 mm or 50 mm ISP-series spheres
Stage Material:
Anodized aluminum
620 g - 4.5 kg
Power Requirements:
110/240 V AC