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Preconfigured HR Series Spectrometers

Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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HR series spectrometers are small-footprint, high-resolution spectrometers that are well suited for applications such as wavelength characterization of lasers and LEDs, monitoring of gases and monochromatic light sources, and determination of elemental atomic emission lines. Depending on spectrometer configuration, optical resolution as fine as <0.1 nm (FWHM) is possible. 

HR series spectrometers are available with different detectors, in standard and extended-wavelength range options, and with enhanced sensitivity optics for applications like plasma monitoring and solar irradiance.





  • High resolution performance – configurable for optical resolution <0.1 nm (FWHM)
  • Flexible triggering functions -- synchronize the spectrometer to other devices
  • High speed acquisition -- integration times to 1 ms for capturing fast spectral events

Need a custom configured spectrometer?

Flexibility in the selection of gratings, slits and other components
allows users to customize solutions for specific measurement challenges.

Contact us to find out how a spectrometer can be configured.


Subject to change depending on model type


linear silicon CCD array
Entrance slit:
10 µm, 5 µm
2048, 3648
Detector Collection Lens:
No, Yes


A/D Resolution:
16 bit
480 Mbps, 2-wire RS-232, I2C 2-wire serial bus, USB 2.0
Power Consumption:
220 mA at 5 VDC, 450 mA @ 5 VDC
Strobe Functions:
2 programmable strobe signals (single/continuous)


0% – 90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature:
-10° to 50° C
Storage Temperature:
-30° to 70° C


148.6 x 104.8 x 45.1 mm (5.9 x 4.1 x 1.8 in.)
0.57 kg (1.26 lbs.)


Integration Time:
1ms - 65s
Optical Resolution:
~0.9 nm FWHM, 0.47 nm FWHM (typical), 0.62 nm FWHM (typical)
Wave Length Range:
190nm - 1.1μm
Dynamic Range:
2 X 109 (system); 2000:1 for a single acquisition, 8.5 x 107 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition
Input Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
Signal to Noise Ratio:
250:1 (full signal), 290:1 (full signal), 300:1 (full signal)
Stray light:
<0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm

Measurement techniques

Product Downloads

application note: plasma monitoring with high-resolution spectroscopy