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You have questions, you need answers. Make life easy by utilizing Ocean Lab Services to generate focused results that are your next step to success.

All You Need is a Question

Provide up to 3 samples to be tested
Compare results from up to 2 preconfigured systems

For a flat price we will test up to three samples* provided by you. This could be basic characterization to see if your sample absorbs in the UV or has any observable Raman activity. Also, this can include up to two preconfigured systems for comparative purposes. Perhaps you’re unsure if a Flame spectrometer will do the job or if the low stray light of the Ocean HDX could give added value. Have both systems tested with your specific samples and gain the confidence you are making the best choice before your purchase.

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All You Can Use for Your Answer

Ocean Lab Services Techniques

  • Absorbance
  • Reflectance
  • Transmission
  • Fluorescence/Phosphorescence
  • Raman/SERS
  • LIBS
  • Thin Film Characterization 



Ocean Lab Services has helped customers to verify how well their safety glasses block UV light; to determine the best metal for aerospace engines; and to classify medical vial production quality.

Conducted Studies

Example of Conducted Studies 

  • Education and Research - Find the pathlength of your sample
  • Biological and Life Sciences - Discover where your protein peaks occur
  • Environmental and Energy - Adopt the best probe for field testing
  • Safety and Security - Determine Raman activity of your taggant molecule
  • Food and Agriculture - Learn how to optically differentiate food ingredients
  • Industrial Processes - See MIR activity of organics in your process stream


*Disclaimer on Samples: Any sample provided must be pre-approved for shipment by an Ocean Insight representative. All samples must be legal to transport within the country conducting the study and have appropriate MSDS and other safety and handling documentation included. Samples must also be disposable per the standard facilities used by Ocean Insight.
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All You Need is a Question

Ocean Lab Services is the bridge between defining your toughest challenges and providing the tools and insight to solve them.

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