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Radiometric Calibration Services

radiometric light emitting diodes

Ocean Optics radiometric calibration services are available for your absolute irradiance measurement needs. Our calibration lab meets rigorous ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification standards.

We calibrate your system using a NIST-traceable light source for which irradiance as a function of distance is known. This allows us to calibrate systems for a range of sampling optics, across different wavelength ranges, and at both high and low light intensities.

Setups are radiometrically calibrated as complete systems, so care must be taken during use to avoid damage to or stress on each component to maintain the accuracy of the calibration. Also, disturbing the setup after calibration – for example, unscrewing a fiber -- will invalidate the calibration.

Please note: Calibration requests are processed as RMAs (return merchandise authorization).

Also noteworthy: International Light, part of Ocean Insight, also offers calibration services via its ISO17025-accredited calibration facility. Learn more.

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