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General Purpose Transmission Dip Probes

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Transmission dip probes couple to Ocean Insight spectrometers and light sources to measure absorbance and transmission in solutions. These stainless steel probes are great for embedding into process streams for real-time sample monitoring.

In a transmission dip probe, light is transmitted from the illumination fiber through a plano-convex lens for collimation, after which it passes through the open probe tip to a flat, second-surface mirror at the tip of the probe. The light reflects from this mirror and is focused onto the read fiber within the probe ferrule. 


  • Probe options -- versions for general lab use and harsh environments
  • Sampling -- sample is free to flow through the probe tip
  • Pathlength -- vary the pathlength of your probe tip (2 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm) for solutions of different concentrations 
  • Simple mounting -- probe fits into a standard 1/4″ Swagelok fitting for installation into a pipe or reactor



Subject to change depending on model type


Fiber Core Size:
200 µm
PVDF zip tube
2 m
Probe Ferrule Diameter:
6.35 mm (1/4″)
Wavelength Range:
400nm - 2.1μm
1.5 meters from the end of the probe
SMA 905
2, 5 or 10 mm
Physical Resistance:
100 psi
Probe Ferrule Length:
127 mm
Probe Ferrule Material:
Stainless steel outer sleeve, aluminum second surface mirror
Temperature Limit:
Up to 100º C without sleeve

Measurement techniques