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Fiber Optic Probes

In spectrometer setups, probes function both to route the light and to interact with samples. Options are available for various measurement needs.

16 Products

Minimum 180 to 2500 nm

Select a starting wavelength range lower than the ending wavelength
16 Products

Reflection/Backscatter Probes

Reflection/backscatter probes couple to Ocean Insight spectrometers and accessories to measure reflection and fluorescence from solid surfaces or backscattering and fluorescence in liquids and powders.

Transmission Dip Probes

Transmission dip probes connect to spectrometers and light sources to measure absorbance in solutions. Probes are available for the lab and can be embedded into process streams for real-time sample monitoring.

Fiber Optic Probe Accessories

Probe accessories range from fixtures and mounts for positioning reflection probes in spectrometer setups, to spare tips and sleeves for transmission probes. Additional probe tips allow user to adjust pathlength.

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