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  • RE HI 8 Kit Sensors

Peel-and-Stick RedEye Oxygen Sensing Patches

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Product Details

Peel-and-stick RedEye indicator patches measure oxygen safely and non-invasively in sealed packaging and containers used in medical, pharmaceutical and food applications. Patches can be applied to flexible substrates of any shape or size, or adhered to a transparent vessel or process line. RedEye patches enable rapid, quantitative determination of oxygen levels.

Product Overview

  • Flexible patch material -- allows adhesion to curved surfaces
  • Silicone adhesive -- maintains optical clarity and mechanical hold to glass and plastics for months in aqueous environments; tested at pH 1 and 11, in DI water and seawater
  • Fast response -- <5 seconds without overcoat and <20 seconds with overcoat in both gas and liquid media