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Preconfigured QE Pro Series

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The QE Pro is a high sensitivity spectrometer with low stray light performance. It is ideal for a wide range of low light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis.

Although custom QE Pro options are available, you also can choose from among various models -- including several new options -- that are preconfigured for common applications and wavelengths:

  • Absorbance 
  • Fluorescence
  • New! General-purpose UV-Vis (200-775 nm)
  • New! General-purpose Vis-NIR (350-925 nm)
  • New! Extended-range (200-950 nm)
  • New! Raman (w/785 nm excitation)

The sensitivity and large dynamic range of the QE Pro combine to make it the highest-performance modular spectrometer in its class. Key features include advanced optoelectronics and thermoelectric cooling to provide thermal stability, and onboard spectral buffering to ensure data integrity at high collection rates.



  • New wavelength-specific preconfigured models -- New QE Pro versions for UV-Vis, Vis-NIR and XR (extended-range) measurements (choose Select Model above for details)

  • Application-specific preconfigured models -- QE Pro versions for absorbance, fluorescence and Raman

  • Sensitive – high quantum efficiency detector

  • Powerful – signal-to-noise ratio >1000:1

  • Stable – cooled detector allows low light detection and prevents spectral distortion

  • Configurable – interchangeable slits, internal shutter (optional) and various gratings

  • Buffering -- up to 15,000 spectra




Need a custom configured spectrometer?

Flexibility in the selection of gratings, slits and other components
allows users to customize solutions for specific measurement challenges.

Contact us to find out how a spectrometer can be configured.

Take advantage of our technical guidance and this interactive spectrometer range-resolution tool.


Select model to see full specifications


Wavelength Range:
200nm - 1.1μm
Optical Resolution:
~1.2nm FWHM
~1.6nm FWHM
1.70 nm FWHM (typical)
6.87 nm FWHM (typical)
Corrected linearity:
0.5% NL
Dark Noise:
2.5 counts RMS
Dynamic Range:
Onboard Memory:
15000 spectra
Signal to Noise Ratio:
1000:1 (single acquisition)


Back-thinned TE Cooled 1024 x 58 element CCD array


A/D Resolution:
Power Requirement:
Strobe Functions:
continuous and single strobe


Measurement techniques