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Food & Agriculture Tradeshow

Food and Agriculture trade show

From farm to fork, Ocean Insight partners with food and agriculture experts to create solutions that improve yield, quality, safety and integrity.

In this demo, we use the NIRQuest+2.5 NIR spectrometer as part of a diffuse reflectance system for soil analysis. Learn how this compact setup provides a convenient alternative to other soil measurement options, as we identify the moisture content of different organic and topsoil samples.

Soil Characterization Using NIR Spectroscopy

In this video we measure the moisture content of organic and topsoil samples using the NIRQuest+2.5 spectrometer (900-2500 nm) as part of a diffuse reflectance system. Moisture content in soil is important in agriculture as an indicator of crop health.

Hardware Used in the Soil Characterization Demo:

NIRQUEST+2.5 - Widest range in NIR, high performance

HL-2000-HP-FHSA - Brightest halogen source

QR600-7-VIS-125F - Large-core fibers for more light

RPH-1 - Holder to maintain consistent sampling geometry

WS-1 - Robust PTFE diffuse reflection standard


RPH-ADP - Adapter for QR600 to work with RPH-1

STAN-HOLDER - convenient holder for WS-1

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