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Product Details

OceanDirect at a Glance

OceanDirect is the premier device driver platform for control of Ocean Insight spectrometers. Upgraded from its forerunner OmniDriver and now working free of Java layers or virtual machines, OceanDirect offers a library of functions that allows you to easily write custom software solutions for your Ocean Insight USB-interface spectrometers.

OceanDirect is a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit (SDK) with an Application Programming Interface (API) that is the culmination of our best software driver packages to date. The following operating systems, programming languages and spectrometers are supported:

  • Operating systems: Windows 32/64 bit (Win10)
  • Supported languages: “C”, C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio), C#, LabVIEW (Windows Version 8 or greater), MATLAB and Python
  • Supported spectrometers: Flame, HR4000, HR4Pro, NIRQuest, NIRQuest+, QE Pro, Ocean FX, Ocean HDX

Product Overview

Using OceanDirect, you can execute these and other functions on supported spectrometers:

  • Read spectrometer model and serial number
  • Set integration time, scan averaging and boxcar
  • Read spectra (intensity and wavelengths)
  • Read and write calibration coefficients (wavelength and linearity)
  • Configure corrections for electrical dark, linearity and stray light
  • Set trigger modes
  • Set single and continuous strobe options
  • Read bench, grating, and detector settings
  • Control data buffering
  • Command attached light sources
  • Configure thermoelectric cooling
  • Read and set GPIO pins

OceanDirect Licensing

Full OceanDirect developers’ licenses are for a single installation and include 1 year of updates and support. Additional updates are available at a reduced price for the years subsequent to initial license purchase.

Also, multiple (5, 10, 20) seat licenses are available at reduced per-license pricing, with upgrade extensions available at reduced prices in the years after the initial purchase. 

The computer that the licensed software is being installed on must be connected to the Internet at the time the license is activated -- i.e., at the time when the license key is entered. After license activation, no Internet connection is required.

In addition to the full developers’ license, a version-locked, redistributable license type (perpetual license) is available for OEM integrators to use with their integrated spectrometers in the field.