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Top 10 Spectroscopy Blog Posts of 2021

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From new spectrometers and software, to tech tips covering irradiance and reflectance measurements, the year’s most popular blog posts reflected a range of interests.

Here, in reverse order, are the Top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2021:

In this application note, we use NIR reflection measurements of sneakers to distinguish branded from counterfeit footwear.

OceanDirect is a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit (SDK) with an API for control of Ocean Insight spectrometers.

Through posters and animation, explore the journey that photons take within the optical benches of Ocean Insight spectrometers.

#7. How to Make a Reflectance Measurement

In this video, we guide users through the steps necessary to perform reflectance measurements using Ocean Insight spectrometers.

#6. How to Set Up an Absolute Irradiance Measurement

In this tutorial, we guide you through the steps to take when measuring absolute irradiance of sources including lamps and LEDs.

LTMS: Video Showcases Industrial System

This video demonstrates the LTMS – a robust platform for in-line monitoring of color consistency and liquid concentration levels.

In this tip, we explore collimating lenses in spectral setups and cover topics including field of view and sampling geometries.

Enjoy this overview of the Ocean HDX Raman, a high-performance spectrometer for 785 nm Raman excitation applications.

This blog post reviews two important spectrometer system performance criteria: dynamic range and signal to noise ratio (SNR).

Not sure how to choose the best spectrometer? Peruse this handy guide to the extensive family of Ocean Insight spectrometers.