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Sampling Accessories

Sampling Accessories Products

Ocean Insight has accessories for free space measurements, and solid or liquid sampling. Available in our online shop for added convenience.

Liquid Sampling

Cuvette Holders, Flow Cells and More

Cuvette Holders

We offer cuvette holders and cell fixtures for absorbance and fluorescence sampling. Both discrete and direct-attach holders are available and integrate seamlessly with our spectrometers, light sources and optical fibers.


Plastic and quartz cuvettes are available for absorbance and fluorescence. Quartz cuvettes are durable and versatile; plastic cuvettes are a low-maintenance alternative to quartz for absorbance measurements.

Flow Cells

Flow injection analysis cells are great for absorbance and fluorescence of fluids used in process monitoring, lab setups and teaching labs. Z-type cells are available in a variety of materials, pathlengths and internal volume units.

Absorbance Standards

Absorbance standards are handy for verifying the photometric accuracy of your spectrometer. Standards are packaged as UV or Vis kits, with a background reference for low, medium and high absorbance solutions.

We are working hard to revise our product offerings. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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