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The Year in Review

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Despite its challenges, 2020 has inspired new ideas, forged new partnerships, and reinforced the value of scientific research and innovation.

If you missed an Ocean Insight news item or two this year, we understand. After all, there was a lot to occupy our minds in 2020. So, here’s a brief recap of a few important developments:

Learn more about our new 52,000-square-foot facility in Orlando, Florida. The building is part of the Central Florida Research Park near the flourishing University of Central Florida, and is distinguished by its modern design, multiple labs, and flexible assembly and operations areas.

About that new location: the newly remodeled, 52,000-square-foot facility in Orlando, Fla., is nearly double the size of our previous space, providing additional manufacturing capacity and flexibility. The space provides an opportunity for automation, and easily change production lines, build better quality products, and operate in a space that better reflects Ocean as a high-tech photonics business.

New Products, New Programs

Significant enhancements to key spectrometers, a makeover for our flagship software, and an industrial-grade transmission measurement system highlight this year’s innovations:

Spectrometers. Beefed-up versions of popular favorites including high-resolution (HR4Pro), high-sensitivity (QE Pro) and NIR (NIRQuest+) models debuted, along with new options for 785 nm Raman (QE Pro-Raman+) and FT-IR (NanoQuest).

Inline Spectral System. The LTMS Liquid Transmission Measurement System provides real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids including industrial dyes and plating baths, ingredients in foods and beverages, and chemical coatings for metals. The industrial-grade system includes automatic fluid handling capabilities and utilizes machine learning algorithms for detailed spectral analysis.

Physics World Magazine wrote an article "In-line spectral monitoring gets ready to shine" on behalf of Ocean Insight in June 2020. Follow the links for excerpts from the published article.

The LTMS can be used to make sure concentration levels are within a certain tolerance to meet health and safety requirements, while high enough to maintain a level of effectiveness.

Scott Scargle - Director of Strategic Markets, Ocean Insight

Software. OceanView 2.0 is a powerful new version of our signature desktop spectroscopy application, with an improved graphical interface and faster, more stable acquisition and processing functions. Our three-part OceanView 2.0 webinar series dives deeper.

Ocean Insight 2020 Grant Program. Launched in October, the Grant Program provides awards of up to $20,000 in equipment donations in support of spectral research that promotes a safer, cleaner, healthier future. Applications are accepted through Dec. 23, 2020.

Encouraging the use of spectral technologies to promote a safer, cleaner, healthier future. Earn awards up to $20,000 USD in Ocean Insight products.

New Rules, New Tools

For many of us, pandemic-related limitations have changed the way we work and made us even more reliant on digital technologies (if that’s possible). With that in mind, we introduced several new tools to help make sharing news and insights even more convenient:

Virtual Tradeshows. If you can’t go to the tradeshow, let us bring the tradeshow to you. We’ve created online versions of experiment demos featuring our spectrometers and accessories for applications across food and agriculture, medical and life sciences, manufacturing, and safety and security.

It's the next best thing to being there. Using a combination of video, narration, and a selection of featured components, we guide visitors through a series of demos showcasing the power of and versatility of spectroscopy. The applications range from antibody detection to soil characterization.

Our hosts have welcomed experts for insightful discussions about the spectral challenges, applications and techniques associated with Raman, color, NIR, LIBS and more.

Weekly Blog. In March, we published our first blog emailer, a now-weekly briefing on Ocean Insight products, applications and more. Not yet subscribed? Complete our 60-second subscriber form here.

Podcast Series. Launched in May, the Applied Spectral Knowledge Podcast is a recurring program featuring Ocean Insight experts sharing their knowledge of, and experience with spectroscopy techniques including Raman, color, NIR and LIBS.

What will be new from Ocean Insight in 2021? We promise more exciting new product innovations and programs to share with you, as well as continued improvements in customer service and support.

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